Dism++, the most powerful utility

The first DISM GUI implementation based on CBS in the world!

What's new - 10.1.1000.1 (2017/6/17)

Dism++x86/x64 wsusscn2.cab

wsusscn2.cab is the Dism++ Windows Update Database, you can overwrite "Config\wsusscn2.cab" with it.

Dism++ Doc Change log

  Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

About Dism++

Dism++ can be considered as a GUI frontend of DISM, but it based on Component Based Servicing (CBS) Interface instead of DISM API or DISM Core API.

Open source is not only a spirit, but also a symbol of strength. Check here for viewing the Chuyu Team's Github repositories.


WinSxS Cleanup

You don't need to worry about disk free space any more while installing updates.


It can save at least 33% of used space without streamlining your OS Image.

ESD Support

Everyone can easily convert ESD to ISO .

Windows Update

The best Windows Update implementation except Microsoft's.

Backup and Recovery

Backup or restore your OS image WITHOUT Windows PE

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